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Saturday, September 09, 2006

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Yamato/Musashi Forum
This is the forum of R.C. Especially dedicated to Musashi/Yamato talk.


Blogger AnJaka said...

Good day , I want to introduce you a article site:
See u soon,

3:07 PM  
Blogger SwordOfSincerity said...

Japan! I found this site because I was inspired by an artist called Yamatu. The song flight to ashariludu by Yamatu sounds like kamikazees are on a serious mission to the USA. Notice that the attacks against the USA are always counter while the USA's attacks are always first/unfair. We knew who the kamikazees were but we saw no arab flags on the suicidal airplanes of 9/11. Photos were the only things proving to us who did it. Not enough proof but even the materialists believe/accept it due to ignorance, prejudice, and/or misinformation. Proper respect or consideration should be given especially to all well-meaning individuals. G-d please help and bless the fair-minded and well-meaning ones. Amin. Heiwa. Masalaam...

10:07 PM  

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